Welcome to the “Real” Barbara Feldman

With more than 30 years in the business, Barbara Feldman, Allied AIA, CID, CSP has established herself as a “recognized talent” on the Hamptons interior design scene.

As a New York interior designer, Barbara Feldman’s designs utilize materials that can be easily cleaned, are stain resistant, durable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and eco-friendly, ideal for pet, child, seniors, special needs and family homes and commercial spaces. Barbara Feldman uses a self proclaimed intuition for space planning, a fabulous sense of style and acute attention to detail in every project.

Along with interior design, Barbara Feldman of Hamptons Interior Design also specializes in staging design and claims an award winning reputation, numerous features in several publications and a number of profiles.

A self proclaimed trailblazer in her field, Barbara Feldman has accumulated a number of “friends” through her varied interactions throughout the years.

This website was developed in due to an altercation with Hamptons Interior Designer Barbara Feldman. Barbara Feldman failed to comply with Strategic Marketing, Inc.’s Terms & Conditions (which can be found here) and responded with harassment, allegations and threats rather than make any attempt to resolve the situation professionally and peaceably.thanks

No information on this website has been fabricated, it has either been acquired through direct communications with Barbara Feldman or located online and found through a basic search engine query. No “untruths” have been stated knowingly and this website holds no responsibility over statements made by Barbara Feldman or the cited sources in reference to Barbara Feldman.